List of Talks

100 years of Shopping in Reading: historic shops in the town centreAnn Smithwokinghamsmith@gmail.com0118 9783430
A History of WoodleyAnn Smithwokinghamsmith@gmail.com0118 9783430
History of the gas industry in BerkshireJo
Let there be gas – a history of the gas industry and associated technologies in the UKJo
More than Biscuits, Beer and Bulbs – Reading’s Other IndustriesJo
Life, work and death in a medieval town: Windsor in the Middle AgesDavid
Medieval New Windsor 1110-1548David
The great water conduit of Windsor Castle, a wonder of sixteenth century engineeringDavid
The History of Eton before the CollegeDavid
The History of Old WindsorDavid
The life and times of Robert Tebbott: a nineteenth-century rags to riches builder, and friend of kings David
The oldest profession in an old town: the long history of immorality in WindsorDavid
The scandal of the Windsor martyrs: protestants heretics of the Reformation?David
Windsor Castle 1100-1700David
Windsor's medieval hospital of St PeterDavid
Windsor's medieval town guild of the Holy TrinityDavid
Donnington CastleDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
Jack of NewburyDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
Newbury buildingsDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
Norman West BerkshireDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
Padworth HouseDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
Place-names of West BerkshireDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
Researching Tudor BerkshireDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
Sandleford PrioryDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
The history of NewburyPrehistory of the Newbury areaDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
The Newbury area in the Roman periodDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
The Seven Barrows at LambournHillforts of the Newbury areaDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
The Swing Riots in the Newbury areaDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
The Tudor cloth industry in BerkshireDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
Transport in West BerkshireDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
Tudor NewburyDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
Victorian NewburyDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
West Berkshire in the Anglo-Saxon periodDavid Peacockdpeacockhist@gmail.com01635 524017
Archaeology and History of Taplow CourtElias Kupfermanne.kupfermann@btinternet.com01753 536143
Exploration of a Victorian Landscape - the history and restoration of Herschel Park, SloughElias Kupfermanne.kupfermann@btinternet.com1755 536143
Upton Park, Slough - the exploration and restoration of a Victorian landscape; Elias Kupfermanne.kupfermann@btinternet.com01753 536143
Vanished Windsor - a celebration of the lost buildings and views of Windsor over the last 600 yearsElias Kupfermanne.kupfermann@btinternet.com01753 536143
Windsor Castle During the English Civil WarElias Kupfermanne.kupfermann@btinternet.com1754 536143
English Folklore and Calendar CustomsJameson Woodersj.d.wooders@gmail.com0779 6048724
Family History and GenealogyJameson Woodersj.d.wooders@gmail.com0779 6048724
Various aspects of local Berkshire history from the 16th to the 19th centuries,  based on research into probate inventories, hearth tax records,  parish registers and census records.Jameson Woodersj.d.wooders@gmail.com0779 6048724
Brickwork (and how to read history in it)John Harrison, 978 5520
English style bells & bell ringing (historical development)John Harrison, 978 5520
Living Heritage (history of ringing in Wokingham)John Harrison, 978 5520
Settle-Carlisle Railway (history and evolution)John Harrison, 978 5520
The aviation heritage of Berkshire and why there is an aviation museum in the countyKen and Jean FostekewThe Museum of Berkshire Aviation0118 934 0712 or 0118 944 8089
Burial Grounds of LondonLeslie Grout01753 851947
St. George's ChapelLeslie Grout01753 851947
Are you Married? Or Do You Live in Maidenhead? - Centuries of Gossip and Scandal;Maidenhead Heritage 780555
Doctor at the Dean: the Life and Times of a 1920s Village Doctor;Maidenhead Heritage 780555
Flying High: a Pilot's Eye View (includes aerial photographs, local,UK, Europe and further afield);Maidenhead Heritage 780555
God Save the King! - Royal Connections of Maidenhead and District;Maidenhead Heritage 780555
Maidenhead and the Movies, including:Hammer Horror,'Carry On Nurse'and Gerry Mr.Thunderbirds Anderson;Maidenhead Heritage 780555
Mother Flew Spitfires: the Amazing Story of the Air Transport Auxiliary;Maidenhead Heritage 780555
Slow Boat to Manchester: Voyage through the Canals of England;Maidenhead Heritage 780555
The History of Maidenhead's Hospitals.Maidenhead Heritage 780555
The History of Ray Lodge;Maidenhead Heritage 780555
The History of White Waltham Airfield;Maidenhead Heritage 780555
The Kennet and Avon Canal - the Water Road to Bath;Maidenhead Heritage 780555
The River Thames, from Cotswolds to the Sea;Maidenhead Heritage 780555
The River Thames, from Henley to Windsor;Maidenhead Heritage 780555
Victorian Millionaires and their Riverside  Mansions;Maidenhead Heritage 780555
Abingdon and Reading history.Manfred Brodmanfred@jessman.net01865 391507
Berkshire in 16th and 17th centuries, especially political and religious history.Manfred Brodmanfred@jessman.net01865 391507
Dr Pordage of Bradfield and his mystical society;Manfred Brodmanfred@jessman.net01865 391507
Henry Marten the regicide.Manfred Brodmanfred@jessman.net01865 391507
Lord Craven of Hamstead Marshall and his troubles with the Commonwealth;Manfred Brodmanfred@jessman.net01865 391507
China Dragons: The Berkshires in China and the Sudan, 1840 and 1885.Mike
Defending Reading – from the Vikings to nuclear weaponsMike
Early Closing Day: Air Raids on Reading in WW2Mike
General Brock and the Maiwand LionMike
History of Armour Road, TilehurstMike
History of Coley and Coley Park (usually in association with Katie Amos)Mike
History of SouthcoteMike
History of TilehurstMike
Hospitum to Workhouse via the Oracle: Social Care and Welfare in Reading from the Middle Ages to 1900.Mike
Local lad made good: King Alfred the GreatMike
Maiwand: The Battle and the Great Game.Mike
Not for the Town but for the Men: The Siege of Reading, April 1643Mike
Part Time Soldiers: Militia to Home Guard 1600-1982Mike
Reading and the Anglo SaxonsMike
Reading Before Reading: From the Ice Age to the Romans.Mike
Reading Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39.Mike
The Abbey and the Castle: Reading in the Middle Ages or What did Reading Abbey ever do for us?Mike
Tilehurst in WW2Mike
Under the Bombs: Civil Defence in WW2.Mike
Local history of Calcot, Tilehurst, Theale etc. and History of Huntley and Palmers and other local institutionsPax Payton-Smartpax1927@waitrose.com01894 24133
A History of Wargrave,Peter Delaney0118 9403121
Madame Tussaud is Buried in Wargrave? - traps for the unwary!,Peter Delaney0118 9403121
Royal Blue - a history of the express coach operatorPeter Delaney0118 9403121
A stroll in the park: the story of England's royal, private and public parks.Peter 940 4500
The Thames from Oxford to Windsor: shaping history through the centuries.Peter 940 4500
Coaching Inns of Newbury,Phil 46497
Newbury Breweries,Phil 46497
Newbury Pubs & Inns,Phil 46497
The Almshouses of NewburyPhil 46497
The History of Nonconformity in NewburyPhil 46497
The House of Toomer+more family history 'how to' topics.Phil 46497
West Berkshire War Memorials,Phil 46497
A Walk Around St George's Chapel,Windsor CastleStan Cornfordmeteorology@ntlworld.com01344 422992
Henry the Carter,Stan Cornfordmeteorology@ntlworld.com01344 422992
Three Berkshire Brothers Go to War,Stan Cornfordmeteorology@ntlworld.com01344 422992
Edible Reading - Famous Factories, Places & ProductsTerry Dixonterry.dixon89@virginmedia.com7505351517
Influential Women of Reading (In development) - now the subject of my bookTerry Dixonterry.dixon89@virginmedia.com7505351517
Reading's Architecture - 5 of the most famous architects in the world have buildings in ReadingTerry Dixonterry.dixon89@virginmedia.com7505351517
Reading's Proud Photographic Heritage The birth of Photography started in Reading!Terry Dixonterry.dixon89@virginmedia.com7505351517
Terry’s Brief-History of ReadingTerry Dixonterry.dixon89@virginmedia.com7505351517
Terry’s Reading (County) GaolTerry Dixonterry.dixon89@virginmedia.com7505351517
Tilehurst - Victorian BuildingsTerry Dixonterry.dixon89@virginmedia.com7505351517
"1914 Mobilization.”  This describes how the British Army went to war in 1914, looking specifically at the local county infantry regiment of the group to whom the talk is given.Victorian Military Society (Dan Allen)
“British Army Badges.”  The story behind the events commemorated on some famous military cap badges.  (This includes the Royal Berkshire Regiment.)Victorian Military Society (Dan Allen)
“The Battle of Maiwand.”  An account of the defeat of a British force in Afghanistan in 1880 which inspired a poem by Kipling and a massive memorial in the middle of Reading.Victorian Military Society (Dan Allen)
“The Pig War.”  A strange event in the 1850s, where Britain and the U.S.A. nearly went to war over the ownership of a tiny island and a pig.Victorian Military Society (Dan Allen)
“The VC – Facts and Fancies.”  The story of the origin of the Victoria Cross and some of the more unusual stories that surround it.Victorian Military Society (Dan Allen)
“What did you do in the War, Granny?  - women in the Army in the First World War.”  A look at the women who joined the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps to do their bit in the First World War.Victorian Military Society (Dan Allen)
“Women and the Victorian Army.”  This describes what life was like for soldiers’ wives and children in Victorian times, both at home and abroad, in peace and war.Victorian Military Society (Dan Allen)