Katie Amos




Katie Amos has worked for Reading Library for nearly 30 years, the majority of that time in the Local Studies department, where she is now the lead member of staff. This has led to her interests in both family and local history, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others both at work and through her talks.
Alongside her work at the library, she also works for Reading Arts as a member of the front of house team, primarily at the Hexagon Theatre and occasionally at the Town Hall and South Street too.


Have you ever wanted to research your family tree? In this talk Katie aims to show you how to get started and discusses some of the pitfalls.

Using examples from her own family tree Katie explores the more roguish members of her family and discusses the sources that can be used to find out more about them.

A look at the history of the venues belonging to Reading Arts – the Town Hall, Hexagon and South Street.

The Mansion House has been a feature of Prospect Park for decades, but how much do you know about its pre-restaurant history? This talk will tell you all.

With Mike Cooper. Mike and Katie have explored the history of the Coley area, including Coley Park House. This talk shows how the area has changed over time.

Katie uses the extensive photograph collection from Reading Library to cover a variety of subjects and also explains how to access this resource yourself.

Having been a council building for many years, and occupied by the army before that, Katie has uncovered some of the earlier history of the house, which will be discussed in her latest talk.