Sue Ellis




Sue Ellis is an amateur historian who moved to Thatcham in 1983, and has since become immersed in the history of West Berkshire. She is Secretary to the West Berkshire Heritage Forum and to Thatcham Historical Society, and sits on the Thatcham Town Council Heritage Working Group. She is very much involved in West Berkshire’s Local Listing process, which identifies and celebrates buildings and other heritage assets of local importance, and in the Conservation Area Appraisal training currently being rolled out to parishes. Now retired from a career working in libraries and in local government, she indulges her love of history, ancient buildings and archaeology by researching and talking on a wide range of subjects, including Richard III (man or monster?), the NorthWest Passage, Piltdown Man, Anglo-Saxon history, military history, and family history.


> Dunkirk: A Miracle of Deliverance
> Magna Carta: The Dawn of British Democracy
> Seeking the North-West Passage: The Franklin Expedition, Lost and Found
> Piltdown Man: A Cautionary Tale
> Not all Beer and Skittles: A Short History of Pubs, Beer and Breweries
> Richard III: History, Myths and the Man
> Treasures of the Anglo Saxons: Sutton Hoo and the Staffordshire Hoard
> Waterloo: A Near Run Thing
> Several Family History talks, including Lost, Stolen Away or Strayed: Missing ancestors and how to find them; Where there’s a Will … there’s usually an argument; and Tall Tales, Secrets and Ordinary Lives: Exploring family history.