Journal 04

Berkshire Old and New: Number 4, 1987


  • Editorial Newsletter, Judith Hunter
  • The Langley Desperadoes, Mary Aylward
  • How Papermaking Came to Colthrop, Peter Allen
  • Woodley Aerodrome: Exciting Discoveries, Julian Temple
  • My Ladye Nevells Booke, Anthony Hart
  • The Mercers of Maidenhead, Brian Boulter
  • The Bricklayer’s Contract, Josephine Wall
  • Domesday 1986, Lawrence Taylor
  • Photographic Collections, Susan Read
  • Industrial Archaeological Gazetteer, Bent Weber
  • Monumental Inscriptions, Chris Relf
  • Name Indexes, John Brooks
  • The Consultative Committee for Museums in Berkshire, Karen Hull
  • The Barns Campaign, J. Kenneth Major
  • Barns in East Berkshire, John Taylor
  • Listed Buildings Survey, Edward Harris
  • Berkshire Bibliography, Patricia Curtis

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