Peascod Street, Windsor - house of Richard Topham

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Peascod Street, Windsor - house of Richard Topham

Postby davidnoy » Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:42 pm

I'm not familiar with Windsor and would be grateful for any help. Richard Topham (d.1730), MP for New Windsor had a "magnificent house in Peascod Street, Windsor, with a marble fountain and fine collection of statues, pictures and medals" (Harwood, Windsor Old and New). His property descended to Lord Sidney Beauclerk under the terms of his will and then to his son Topham Beauclerk when Sidney died in 1744. Topham Beauclerk lived at Windsor, presumably in this house, where Dr Johnson stayed with him for several weeks. He sold his Windsor estates (in 1766) to Sir Edward Walpole (d.1784, son of Robert, i.e. brother of Horace), who left them to his [illegitimate] daughter Mrs [Laura] Keppel, wife of the Bishop of Exeter. I've so far been unable to find any description of the house beyond Harwood's, and would be very glad of any suggestions about where to look. Windsor and its Environs and Les Delices de Windsor are no help.

Many thanks,
David Noy

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