Children's homes and mother and baby homes in Berkshire

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Children's homes and mother and baby homes in Berkshire

Postby archivist » Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:33 pm

I am working to compile an archive of information about all the old children's homes and mother and baby homes in Berkshire, to assist when folk enquire about a home that they were born in or lived in as a child. I want to collect as many photos of the old buildings, inside and out, as I can. I do not want personal details or photos of people who lived in the homes.

For example, I'd really like some photos of Fratons children's home, and any of the old Berkshire Family Group Homes - often located in sets of council houses, and information about some of the old mother and baby homes used during and after World War II. I'd like to find out when some of these homes opened, changed their purpose, or closed down, and if they have been demolished, what is on the site now. People often want to visit the area where they grew up and retrace the route they took to school, or to the local shop for sweets for example.

I am very happy and able to have photos scanned so I can return the originals.

I will be placing the final dossier in the Berkshire Archives so that the information is not lost for the future.

Many thanks for any assistance. Archivist

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Re: Children's homes and mother and baby homes in Berkshire

Postby brianmhc » Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:58 pm

Maidenhead Heritage Centre has a few cuttings from the Maidenhead Advertiser when Fratons closed in 1999, one with a photo. It opened in 1976 as a home for difficult adolescents. In 1980 it became an assessment home prior to adoption etc. When Berks CC disappeared in 1998 it passed to Windsor & Maidenhead who promptly sold it for housing. It may have started as a wartime mother & baby home, many large houses in Maidenhead became homes of various sorts to meet the demands of evacuated families. They can be found in the Maidenhead Borough Minutes.

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