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Find Thatcher family before 1690 Charney Bassett

Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:09 pm
by sallymoleseed
Hi I have traced a great..++++.... grandfather back to Charney Bassett 1690 named John Thatcher, I cannot however find a wife; but I have my paternal family history from him all the way back to my father Ken Thatcher. John DOB 1690 had a son John 1728 and he married an Ann 1754. Was hoping I could go back further than 1690 but cannot trace Father etc of John 1690.
This Thatcher family produced an Abbott (St Augustine 's Abbey - Ramsgate) He was my great Uncle, spoke 6 languages and worked at the Vatican. His grandfather was an early Police Superintendent at (of all places) Finchley, around 1860? Would love to know if they were Thatchers and if there is any evidence in the records of the family. Help and Advice to trace back would be great as I live in the Lincolnshire wolds. (Family seemed to live in Berkshire Fyfield up to1820 ish Thanks