Blandford Rd North formerly known as Occupation Rd, Langley

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Blandford Rd North formerly known as Occupation Rd, Langley

Postby mirellayoung1 » Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:07 pm

Does anyone have any information regarding the history of this road please?

It used to be a mud path, but after a housing estate was built in the 1950's (in the area of what is now known as Blandford Road South), lamp posts were erected and around 1978 urgent repairs were carried out by the Council.
I believe this consisted of a narrow strip of tarmac laid along the road.
Later, around 1990, the road was widened by the Council with more tarmac. Intermittant repairs of filling in potholes were also carried out.
Can anyone remember seeing any of this happen or perhaps was working for the Council or its contractors?

If you have any information at all I would love to hear from you as the Council hold no records at all.

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