Diary Dates

2021-22 Events

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20-Jan-21History of Reading SocietyReading AbbeyJohn Painter
Oxfordshire Local History AssociationWhole range of talks are available on their website - https://www.olha.org.uk/events/talks-and-meetings/
09-Feb-21Wargrave Local History SocietyReading's Smelly Alley and other places of interestKevin Little
12-Feb-21Berkshire Gardens TrustHogarth, Soane and Turner: revealing some artists’ gardensSarah Couch
15-Feb-21Goring Gap Local History SocietyElizabeth's Rival & the tumultuous tale of Lettice Knollys.Dr Nicola Tallis
17-Feb-21History of Reading SocietyCaversham Road: An Industrial History in PicturesDavid Neale
22-Feb-21Marcham SocietyLinescapes-.Remapping and Reconnecting Britain's Fragmented WildlifeHugh Warwick
23-Feb-21Hanney History Group
- for meeting info please email hhgsecretary@gmail.com
Morris Motopolis - the motor works and the transformation of OxfordSimon Wenham
01-Mar-21BIAGFor the Use of the Inhabitants Forever: Well & Pumps of the Thames & ChilternsEdwin Trout
05-Mar-21Berkshire Gardens TrustThe Early History of Purley HallBen Viljoen
09-Mar-21Wargrave Local History SocietyAnnual General Meeting
15-Mar-21Goring Gap Local History SocietyThe Upper Thames Patrol & the waterborne Home Guard of the River ThamesBill King
17-Mar-21History of Reading SocietyAGM Followed by Gas: Its History and TechnologiesJo Alexander-Jones
22-Mar-21BIAGThe story of early incandescent light bulbs (including a case study of the Victorian Robertson Lamp Works in Hammersmith)John Holden
22-Mar-21Marcham SocietyOxfordshire on CanvasMarie-Louise Kerr
23-Mar-21Hanney History Group
- for meeting info please email hhgsecretary@gmail.com
Sex, Drink and Death in the 17th CenturyTim Healey
13-Apr-21Wargrave Local History SocietyProspect Park MansionKatie Amos
19-Apr-21BIAGThe Gas Engines & Tylor Pump at the County Hall, AbingdonRuth Weinberg
19-Apr-21Goring Gap Local History SocietyOxford's PenicillinMarie-Louise Kerr
21-Apr-21History of Reading SocietyTour of ColeyGraham Turner & Joe Doak
26-Apr-21Marcham SocietyPagans and Puritans : May Day Celebrations Tim Healey
27-Apr-21Hanney History Group
- for meeting info please email hhgsecretary@gmail.com
Oxford in the History of MedicineVictoria Bentata Aziz
11-May-21Wargrave Local History SocietyRoyal WeddingsCatherine Sampson
15-May-21Oxfordshire Local History AssociationOxford Paving CommissionDr Malcolm Graham
17-May-21Goring Gap Local History SocietyA History of Brewing in OxfordLiz Woolley
19-May-21History of Reading SocietyHome GuardMike Cooper
24-May-21BIAGWilts & Berks: The Past, The Present and The FutureMartin Buckland
24-May-21Marcham SocietyBeacons of the Past, LiDAR, and woodland archaeology in South OxfordshireEd Peveler
25-May-21Hanney History Group
- for meeting info please email hhgsecretary@gmail.com
Artists in Wonderland - The Pre-Raphaelites in OxfordMark Davies
26-May-21Maidenhead Archaeological and Historical Society
Windsor Castle and its Environs During the English Civil War.
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Elias Kupfermann
08-Jun-21Wargrave Local History SocietyStanley SpencerCatherine Saker
16-Jun-21History of Reading SocietyThe Musical World of The Binfield Family In 19c ReadingDr Gordon Cox
28-Jun-21Berkshire Local History AssociationSwing Riots Walk: Kintbury to HungerfordAnn Smith
28-Jun-21Marcham SocietyThe History of the Oxford Botanic Garden and ArboretumMark Davies
14-Aug-21BIAGSummer Day Event Abingdon: Tour of Town Hall Gas Engines and Pumps followed by guided tour of Wilts & Berks Canal
15-Sep-21History of Reading SocietyAbbot Cook to Zero Degrees: Reading Pubs & BreweriesDavid Cliffe, John Dearing & Evelyn Williams
14-Sep-21Wargrave Local History SocietyJackson's of ReadingThomas Macey
20-Sep-21BIAGWhat a load of Rubbish – The history and industrial archaeology of solid wastes managementPeter Daniel (Somerset IA Society)
12-Oct-21Wargrave Local History SocietyReading in World War 1; The Home Front 1914 - 18Dr Margaret Simons
20-Oct-21History of Reading SocietyThe Suffragette Movement in BerkshireDr Margaret Simons
25-Oct-21BIAGAGM – Followed by Caught in Time: The Conservation of Industrial Archival Records
09-Nov-21Wargrave Local History SocietyWLHS 40th Anniversary
17-Nov-21History of Reading SocietyCinemas of ReadingDavid Cliffe
22-Nov-21BIAGBritish Shipbuilding: My Part in its Downfall
15-Dec-21History of Reading SocietyPresidential Address: In Their Own Words: Family and Social Life In Tudor Reading and Other TownsJoan Dils
11-Jan-22Wargrave Local History SocietyHistory of the Reading HospitalsLionel Williams
08-Feb-22Wargrave Local History SocietyMy life of Crime: reflections of a former Crown ProsecutorTorie Griffiths